Closing Down

We will shortly be closing our Action Tracker. Over the last seven years, its community of users have tracked nearly 5 million actions and we're grateful to everyone who has taken part and supported this great achievement.

However, here at We Are What We Do we have shifted our approach to tackling major social and environmental issues and are now no longer focusing on asking people to track their positive actions after they have done them, but rather are now creating products and services which help people do positive things, making it easier, more convenient and more desirable to do the actions which have a positive impact on major issues.

With this new approach, we aim to reach a larger, mainstream audience and have a more profound, measurable impact.

Some of our newer projects include Historypin, an online tool which allows people to come together around the history of their neighbourhoods, across different generations and cultures, to explore and create rich communal archives of personal history and build strong communities, and Box Chicken, a fast food outlet selling healthy fast food in urban deprived neighbourhoods, designed to appeal to teenagers who are usually tempted into fried chicken shops.

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The site will close permanently on 28th February 2014. If you are still using the site or the downloadable materials featured on it, please email Thank you for your support.

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